Customised Notepads

Affordable and effective, custom printed notepads are an attractive way to promote your company.

Custom printed notepads, from Print Image, are one of the great ways to market your company. How often have you used a notepad to write something down? Now if that was customised with your logo and contact details you would also take note of that. Like a miniature billboard, a custom notepad will frequently display your marketing message, helping your business to stay top of mind for as long as the notepad is used.

Not only are custom notepads economical to print, they can be produced with any promotional message you wish to convey – company name, logo, slogan, contact information, photos and so on. Adding your logo, photos or tag line creates a lasting impression.

Notepads are quite endearing and easy to hand out, making them well suited for showroom giveaways or for sales reps to hand out to current and prospective customers.